New bookkeeper

Beginning November 1, 2014, Rebecca Powell has joined the office as my assistant/bookkeeper.  Rebecca brings many years of bookkeeping knowledge and organizational talents to her new position.  I look forward to working with her.

We encourage you to bring in your shoebox full of receipts and we’ll organize it, process it and give you up-to-date information on how your business is doing.  This information is important to help you decide what you should do next to improve your business and profitability.  Running your business without regular bookkeeping is like building a house without a plan ~ it just doesn’t work out very well !

Contact me for an estimate about your bookkeeping costs – I charge bookkeeping rates, but you get accountant knowledge and experience.


BC Senior’s Home Renovation Tax Credit

Beginning after April 1, 2012, there is a new tax credit available for BC seniors.  The credit is to assist with the cost of renovations that are needed to increase independence and allow elderly taxpayers to stay in their home for a longer time.

More information and conditions can be found at this link:  BC Senior’s HRTC

If you have any questions, please contact my office.


Children’s Art Tax Credit – New for 2011

Commencing in 2011 a non-refundable Children’s Art Tax Credit (CATC) will be available to parents of children who are under the age of 16 at the beginning of the year (or age 18 if the child is disabled).  The CATC is based on 15% of eligible expenses paid for the cost of registration or membership in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational or development activity.

Please click on this link - CATC for more information or contact the office to discuss how this can help you and your family.


The Tax Man Cometh

Thoughts will soon turn to gathering financial and tax information to turn over to your favourite tax preparer.

We can help!!  Click on this link for a .pdf document to help organize your expenses.  This schedule is designed for use by self-employed taxpayers.  If you need a schedule for commission income or employment expenses, let us know by phone or email and we can send the most useful schedule to you.

May you all pay less tax in 2013.


Help with the HST/GST

Well, the HST is in force in B.C. for now, but is changing again on April 1, 2013.  Do you know if you are required to register for PST?  Do you need help with it?  Please get in touch and we can help.

There is more information available on transition rules and how the tax will be administered.  Here’s a useful link

If you need help in interpreting application or administration rules, please contact the office for assistance.


Disability Tax Credits

The disability tax credit is an under-utilized but important tax tool. It is available to individuals with health issues that effect quality of life. This credit is allowed by CRA when specific conditions are met.

Follow the link below for a copy of eligibility requirements and please contact my office if you have any questions.

Every little bit helps, when trying to save on your tax bill.

Eligibility Requirements

The following link provides additional information on helpful disability programs.

Disability Tax Credit Programs